Friday, December 14, 2012

High Five for Friday

 I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to share my five favorite things from this week!
1.  We have mailed out all of our Christmas Cards.  We didn't do our usual photo cards this year.  The hubs actually picked these cards all by himself! I love sending out Christmas cards and receiving them from all of our family & friends!

2.  I am loving my new Fossil Watch that I got for only $35!!!  One of the perks of working in retail.  I used my "Turkey Bucks" to purchase it, which was store credit money I got from a sales contest we had back in November.  Now I'm dying to get the Rose Gold version of this watch! 

3.  How did I just discover this amazing stuff?!?  Have you tried the Ronzoni Quick Cook Pasta?  It is life changing!  It seriously cooks in just 3 minutes!  This is such a time saver.  I may never buy regular pasta again!  Ha!

4.  I bought myself a little present while I was out Christmas shopping yesterday.  It was too adorable to pass up.  I just love living in the beautiful state of South Carolina!  :)  It is now proudly hanging in our kitchen.

5.  I came home from work the other night and found presents under the tree that Brad had wrapped for me in polar bear wrapping paper!  Does this man know the way to my heart or what?!?  :)


Rebecca S. said...

I love the watch, I can't believe you got it for so cheap! Cute blog, found you on the H54F link up!

Farm Girl in MD said...

Stopping by from the H54F linkup... Your cards are cute! We haven't even bought cards yet, let alone sent any!

Love the Palmetto State :) I went to college in Greenville!

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